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Publishing Credits
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On this page I'll include my publishing credits and links where you can navigate to read my published stories. I'll also include the names of print publications in which my stories are included.

I recently recieved an honorable mention in the Sam's Dot Publishing Drabbler # 11 contest. Along with that honor my story "A Message from Space" was included in their print anthology. I also have a story in Drabbler # 12 called "Something Different".  Both anthologies can be purchased at...THE GENRE MALL...your source for the small press world 
Go to Anthologies then Drabbler 11 or Dabbler 12.
I've had three 55 word micro fiction stories published in 
Pen Pricks | 55 words micro-fiction  Go to the archives and click on Issue two to read.
I have a story published on a Brittish site  The Short Humour (Humor) Site - M & M by Donna Amato  This link will take you directly to my story.
I have a story titled "Naked Dancing Fairies" in the 10th issue of Clockwise Cat. It was for their Absurd story issue. This link will take you directly to my story.
My short story titled "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" has been published in an anthology. The Carpathian Shadows Vol II is now available at  and  at Carpathian Shadows, Volume II: Lea Schizas: Books
My Story "A Sea of White" will be published in HCI's Ultimate Book Series. The Ultimate Teacher Book will be out in April of 2009. More info as I recieve it.

Other publishing news will be coming soon.

"Reach High, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream preceeds the goal."